1982 - Akdaş was founded in a small rental area with a capacity of 500 tons/year.

1987 – Akdaş opened its first foundry located on the Ankara – Istanbul Highway with a capacity of 3000 tons/year. (closed after opening of the 3rd Foundry).

2000 – Akdaş opened its second foundry at the Industrial Zone of Sincan – Ankara and increased its annual capacity to 10.000 tons.

2006 – Akdaş opened its new state-of-art foundry and machining factory with ultimate annual capacity of 15.000 tons/year at Sincan-Ankara Industrial Zone doubling its production within the same year.

2013 – Heavy duty foundry & machine shop is in operation. The company carries out its production facilities in two foundries, two machine shops and and one welding fabrication shop occupying a total land area of 130.000 m2 with a closed area of 73.000 m2. Akdaş became the largest private casting companies in Turkey with castings up to 150 tones net weight through its remarkable 240 tones liquid capacity, highest technology secondary refinement practice (VOD) and heavy duty machining capability up to 13m in diameter, exporting over 80% of its annual capacity of 35000 tons.