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    With our Integrated Management System built to correspond with our principles and values, we, as AKDAŞ A.Ş., aim to implement the requirements under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 18001 standards through the participation of all of our employees, constantly improving our performance in this regard, gaining our stakeholders’ confidence and contributing to sustainable development.

    To this end, we have committed ourselves in all our activities to observing the following principles as we attach the utmost importance to our society, environment, customers, quality and employees:

    • Implementing a management system which is in accordance with national and international rules and laws and carrying out regular inspections and evaluations to ensure improvements to keep up with the current legal provisions and requirements by those organizations to which we are attached as well as up-to-date legislation,
    • Following and implementing the latest technological advances,
    • Ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction by supplying such products and services as to meet the customers’ expectations,
    • Establishing sound cooperation with our suppliers,
    • Ensuring occupational health and safety in all our activities and developing and implementing such systems as to prevent occupational hazards,
    • Ensuring emergency intervention procedures,
    • Minimising waste, increasing our rate of recycling, utilising natural resources and energy efficiently and respecting humankind and environment,
    • Adopting a customer-focused attitude to make sure that the customers’ expectations are satisfied at all times,
    • Making sure that the customers’ needs are met in full and in a timely manner, evaluating the customers’ perceptions and expectations regularly, improving our service quality as best as we can and taking measures to enhance the customers’ satisfaction, 
    • Making sure that all our employees take part in the management system by maintaining our confidence in their support and productivity and by increasing their awareness with ongoing training programmes, also providing informative activities to ensure a level of awareness necessary to enable them contribute to our efforts in achieving our targets,
    • Ensuring that our integrated management system is improved and developed further through the active, constructive, creative and continuous participation of our employees,
    • Child labour shall not be hired at any activities carried out in our facilities.
    • Enhancing employees  efficiency and encouraging their creativity through scheduled training activities,
    • To ensure the protection of the confidentiality and private information of the company, employees, customers and other relevant persons and organizations, across all levels and sections,
    • To ensure that confidential information and secrets acquired on account of the duty or the work performed belonging to those concerned, third parties, the employer and the workplace or the work in progress at the workplace are not disclosed unless permitted and required,
    • To create a system to prevent benefits in kind or in cash being obtained from customers, suppliers, subcontractors and other second and third parties (individuals and/or companies), and to guarantee its continuity and applicability,
    • Making sure that all employees are aware of the significance of their tasks and that they comply with the rules to improve occupational health and safety in order to avoid the risks of environmental pollution, injuries and diseases,
    • Eliminating and/or minimising any hazards or risks that relevant parties, employees, customers, visitors or the environment might face due to our activities and ensuring consciousness in this regard by providing training  and
    • Being transparent to our stakeholders in our activities.


    Making it guaranteed.