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    We give always a particular importance to the human health, technical safety and environment, which are the keystones of the sustainability in AKDAŞ DÖKÜM A.Ş., and our works are sustained in parallel with this principle.

    Responsibility on this manner is shared by all the personnel from the top executives to the junior personnel. Safety rules have been prepared according to the national and international regulations, and these are applied properly.

    Application task for the health, technical safety and environment policies is within the responsibility of the management board and our general manager being in the first place. Our aim is to minimize all the potential risks and harms that may have an effect on our environment, our employees and workers of the subcontractors, customers and society as a result of our activities.

    Necessary studies and applications have been initiated and executed for obeying the rules of the health, technical safety and environment standards by all the workers together with the subcontractors’ workers in a proper and hard-line manner.

    All the workers are responsible for obeying the safety rules determined for their works, using the protective materials given them, due consideration to protect them and other personnel from the occupational accidents during the work processes, removing unsafe conditions occurred in their worksite and reporting these to their supervisors.

    Managers are responsible for observing and improving the working conditions and for removing the unsafe conditions in order to ensure a safe and health conditions for the personnel. In the internal audits, the detailed observations are performed on the occupational safety, health and environment, and it is ensured that the facilities become more healthy, free from dangers and sensitive to the environment by means of the necessary corrective actions made for findings acquired from the observations.

    AKDAŞ DÖKÜM A.Ş. aims to remove risks or decrease these to the acceptable and applicable levels by considering all the risk levels of the activities. Risk Assessment Table and the Table of Environmental Dimensions and Effects are used together in order to give a preference to the source transfer to the critical works on the awareness, grading and managing of the risks. An application of the “Almost to Happen” Form, which is deemed as a protective measure against the future accidents for the employees and the company, are applied in all the facilities on the escaping lightly and determination of the unsafe conditions and material damages. It is ensured to give a preference to the risk determination on the management process, risk management and source transfer to the critical works (work power, finance, etc.).