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  • Human Resources Policy

    Akdaş Döküm, acting consciously knowing that the most important capital in order to make difference in competition in the globalized world is human resources, for realizing objectives and goals of the company and for the purpose of preparing, developing needed infrastructure of labour force, and establishing a creative organization by using modern management techniques, targets to enlarge this family with workmates who can think strategical, fast, spurt and responsible.

    Akdaş Döküm that attaches great importance to motivation and satisfaction of its employees and provides employment opportunity to 550 person, while realizing its own development and growth with conducted investments, also experience the pride of being beneficial to the society and thus shapes the future of casting sector.

    Our employee profile; is the human resource open for change and improvement, liking his job, believing team work and team spirit, providing added value, customer oriented, having high social sensivity of social responsibility.

    In parallel to this policy our basic principles for our employees are;

    Planning, choosing, employing, commissioning in service units, training of human resources that shall provide fulfilling of the enterprise its duties efficiently and productively, realizing of studies appropriate to objective criteria such as follow up of personnel affairs and updating of job descriptions regarding human resources, wage management, planning of training, performance management, career management is the target of personnel policy.

    Human Resources Applications

    Employment and Placement

    The most significant source that lie behind the success of Akdaş Döküm are its employees. In line with the objectives of our company, in order to include the most suitable candidates for qualifications of the position and our personnel needs we realize our employment processes. Accordingly, to place the right persons to the right position opened within our company is our greatest target.

    Our candidates especially having competency suitable for company values and corporate culture, high motivated, being open to improvement and changes, being highly self-confident, well educated, and having the qualification of making difference is of prime importance for us.

    Related department managers and human resources department have interviews with applicants whose applications are evaluated and have positive CVs. Applicants having positive interviews are offered a job.

    Orientation Process

    Our employees who are placed to a job in our company shall have an orientation process starting with Occupational Health and Safety Training and carrying on with presentation of other departments, company policies, organizational structure of the company, production-service aspect and its process, social rights and responsibilities, describing of working conditions. That process avoids the employee feel alienated, provide job orientation and decreases labor turnover. Following are targeted with the program;

    Career Management

    Our aim in career management is to help our employees to increase their experience, knowledge and skills in their undertaken roles, to appraise and govern them properly.

    In line with behaviours of our employees making difference and their successful results, we present them different career opportunities with applications such as advance, transfer and change of position.

    Development Activities

    In our company, along with Professional Development opportunities, training programs with different topics are being organized in order to support Personal Development, improve our employees’ skill and competencies, generate a media where they would share their experiences and raise awareness. 

    Pricing and Social Interests

    Our pricing and additional interest system has been constituted over job evaluation system where competencies, training and work experiences of persons are taken as basis. Wages are being updated in January by taking into consideration Performance Assessment results conducted every year and market wage surveys. Prices and additional interests we present our employees;

    In-company Communication

    In-company communication in our company;